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Herbalife24FIT DVD Review Phase 1 Day 5 Total Body Intergration

April 30th, 2012


Phase 1 – Stability – Disc 3 which is total body integration – My review – day 5

The routine started and finished with stretches.  A few minutes into the routine you’ll need lightweight dumbbells so be prepared.

First moves were squats, then single limb balances, i.e. balances on one leg – here I had megga wobbles ! Best way to get out of wobblying is to focus on one point of the floor.

Next came the squats with weights which I found easy and managed to get positioning right, side step squats where you moved about the floor.  All of these exercises great for strengthening the core muscles, quads and glutes. Then we did an isometric hold (contracting core muscles) and went into lunges.

Final exercises were planks – first the straightforward plank position, working abs and core muscles.  Check out the back muscles of the girl in pink shorts, her back looks amazing !  Then the more difficult side plank position which I’m definitely going to have to work on.

Next 2 days are rest days or recreational activity days – whichever you choose, I’m going walking or swimming.

Weeks 1-3 of Phase 1 Stability is just repeating what we’ve done this week – so my next review will be on week 4.


The Herbalife24 FIT DVD is only currently available in the USA to buy. To view prices you need to register on the website, by clicking on the “Members Tab”

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