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Herbalife24FIT DVD Review Phase 1 Stability dvd – disc 2 – shoulder stabilization

April 28th, 2012


Phase 1 – Stability – Disc 2 which is for shoulder stabilization – My review – day 3

The Herbalife24FIT workout started off with a quick warm up of stretches closely followed by exercise.  The idea of shoulder stabilization comes from the fact that it is one of the weakest points in the body, is very mobile and everybody should be doing these exercises to strengthen their shoulder joints.  Shoulder stabilization exercises should be done with the neck relaxed, controlled movements and the slower the better.  These exercises will strengthen the shoulder joints and give us balanced healthy bodies. 

We did exercises for triceps, biceps, lower body, core, something called internal and external rotation which was performed on the mat, with light weighted dumbbells, the plank and lastly push-ups.Hope I’ve not missed anything out !  This workout I had to study closely to get the hang of how to use the dumbbells and to make sure my body was in the correct position.  Good thing about the Herbalife24FIT workout (for me) is that exercises are repeated over the coming weeks, so I will have chance to improve.  Practice makes perfect !

Roll on tommorow when I repeat Metabolic dvd – disc 4 low impact aerobic moves for more fat burning.

The Herbalife24 FIT DVD is only currently available in the USA to buy. To view prices you need to register on the website, by clicking on the “Members Tab”

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