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Herbalife24FIT DVD Review Phase 2 Strength – Day 4

November 20th, 2012

Phase 2 – Strength Weeks 9-11 Metabolic My review – day 4


This workout was exactly the same as day 2 this week, click here for details.

As mentioned in previous post – Herbalife24FIT dvd’s NOW available in UK, Ireland and USA.

I’m feeling the benefits of using Herbalife 24 Sports Nutrition with the 24FIT workout. 

Formula 1 Sport is easy to digest and is a nutritious pre -workout – or after workout meal. Depends on what time of day you train, I usually have mine before my workout as I’m training mid morning, so it’s my breakfast.

Hydrate is a low calorie electrolyte drink which I use during the workout.

Then there’s the two recovery drinks Rebuild Endurance and Rebuild Strength depending on whether you are doing a metabolic or strength training workout. Use these when you’re training flat out i.e. intense training as they speed recovery.

Herbalife Sports Nutrition details can be found by clicking here

Customise your routine – this is a quick and easy way to see which Herbalife 24 products suit your sport, how and when to take them.

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What people are saying about the Herbalife24FIT Dvd Workout

September 11th, 2012

Here are some more reviews of what people are saying so far about the Herbalife24 FIT Dvd home workout program – not all feedback is in yet – the dvd’s cover 24 weeks.

My wife and I have been doing exercise and nutrition for many years so I’m good on the diet end. I’ve worked through a few discs in Phase 1 and am thoroughly satisfied with the workouts.  They aren’t too tough for me as a beginner to this type of program, but they are tough enough so I definitely feel like I’ve gotten a great workout at the end. I love the cardio – metabolic workout.  Very fun and achievable.  Made me sore in a good way.

Alec from California


I am just finishing up Phase 1.  I’ve enjoyed it, and I feel that it’s been good for my shoulder and hip, but I don’t really have any new comments on the program yet. As I progress to Phase 2, I will be sure to provide feedback for you. Thanks for your interest!

Kristen from New York


I’ve just finished Phase 1 & am pleased so far.  I wanted rehab style workouts that weren’t boring or required a lot of equipment & this set meets those requirements.  My left shoulder has always given me trouble but since starting the set, I’ve noticed less pain & a greater range of motion.  The only complaint I have is that by the end of Phase 1 was I was getting tired of the Metabolic 1 disc.  Next rotation, I’ll sub another cardio workout for some of the days but I wanted to do the rotation as written the first time around.

Tanya from Statesville N.C


I have looked through the introduction DVD, done the stretches, and previewed the first workout, as well as read through the materials.  I am very impressed with everything and excited about beginning the program.  I am currently working with a bulging lumbar disc, so I really appreciate the emphasis on proper form and building up the supporting muscles first. Several of the exercises and stretches I have seen are ones that my physical therapist has me doing.

Terri from Bellingham WA


I just completed the Spine and Stabilization workout. Great workout! This one would definitely strengthen the core, one of my weakest areas. Lower abs feel pleasantly sore. Instruction was very clear, nothing annoying about the instructor. She spoke of the importance of having the neck in the proper position to avoid pain. I previewed the Shoulder Stablization disc last night, this one looks good also.

Donna from New York


I am not a beginner, but they are a great place for a beginner to start and then it does build up. I used them after an injury ( still do) the program was done by a physical therapist and in phase 1 they are working on the smaller muscles to support the larger one for the next 2 phases. I found myself growing inpatient with a 2 month in each cycle, but it makes sense if you are rehabbing an area to deconstruct and start from scratch.

No name but from Wilmington

Would appreciate more feedback when available, so please send to


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Herbalife24FIT DVD Review Phase 2 Strength – Day 3

August 11th, 2012


Phase 2 – Strength Weeks 9-11 Upper Body Strength My review – day 3 

Sam introduces this session with a good 5 minutes of stretches.

The whole of the workout was performed using resistance bands, which you can alter the tension on, depending on your fitness level, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or an advanced exerciser.

  • Shoulder extensions: We began in the ¼ lunge position, with the resistance band under one foot, you need to ensure you have enough tension on the band without it being too tough. Leaning forward, hinging at the hips you then pull the resistance band backwards and forwards in a controlled movement, your back needs to be flat and everything in line. We did one side and then the other.

  • Reverse Flys: Then using the resistance bands under two feet, we did a ¼ squat, crossing our hands over (with the bands), then lift the resistance bands up and then down. With this exercise the chest needs to be facing the floor and then you know you are in the correct position, using the correct muscles.  If you find too difficult you can just place the resistance bands under one foot !

  • Internal/External Rotation: Next in a kneeling position (on one knee) with the other leg out to the side with the resistance band under the foot, rotate the arm closest to your outstretched leg. Move your arm in front of your body then back (internal rotation) one set of these then still on same knee work the resistance band the opposite way (external rotation). We repeated these exercises on both sides, alternate legs – difficult to describe, need to watch the dvd, I got a bit lost here but then eventually got it right, just remember practice makes perfect !

  • Shoulder Flexion: Standing back up we did a ¼ squat with the resistance band under one foot, with arms extended, keeping them straight at shoulder height lifting the resistance band up and then back down, thumbs upward.  Switch resistance band to other foot and repeat exercise on other leg and arm (2 sets).

  • Chest Flys: Again in ¼ squat position, we shortened the band to increase resistance, hinging at the hips we then put the band behind the back, bringing arms forward and out like chest flys (2 sets).

  • Shoulder Abduction: With both feet on the resistance band in a ¼ squat position, start off with hands pointing downwards, next move your arms straight out to the sides, thumbs pointing up, move up and back down to starting position (2 sets).

  • Bicep Curls: We did 2 sets of bicep curls, standing with your two feet apart, hands down to start, then did alternated curls with arms moving up and down.

  • Tricep Extensions: Last were tricep exercises, starting in ¼ lunge position, resistance band under one foot, elbows at the side, pull the band backward to be in line with the rest of your body, then return back to starting position.  Do this exercise on both sides switching legs.

We finished the workout with quick stretches.  Before my workout I drank Herbalife 24 Formula 1 Sport, during my workout I drank Herbalife 24 Hydrate. Herbalife 24 Sports Nutrition products are available UK, Ireland and USA.

Great exercises for me as I’ve not much upper body strength. Felt the burn, good workout although arms tired at the end of the session.  If you are finding my reviews difficult to follow, apologies as there’s a lot of detail to try to remember, these are upper body strength moves which I’ve not done before. 

Click here for more information about Herbalife 24 Sports Products

The Herbalife24 FIT DVD is only currently available in the USA to buy. To view prices you need to register on the website, by clicking on the “Members Tab”

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Herbalife24FIT DVD Review Phase 2 Strength – Day 2

July 29th, 2012

Phase 2 – Strength Weeks 9-11 Metabolic My review – day 2


We began this sesssion with stretches then quickly moved onto the metabolic workout. Sam explained that we weren’t going to go flat out on this workout, as we were going to save this for Phase 3. The metabolic workout is to build our fitness and fat burning metabolisms,working 30 seconds on (at moderate intensity)and then 30 seconds off (increased intensity).

We did:

  • jogging on the spot for 30 seconds, then quick sprints for 30 seconds

  • speed skater moves from side to side for 30 seconds, then speed skater moves with a hop and tapping back (my favourite exercise)

  • punches high and low with squats, 4 punches 30 seconds, 2 punches 30 seconds – all with squats (lost a bit of coordination on this one)

  • side steps 30 seconds then hopping for 30 seconds

  • High knees 30 seconds, adding in a chop for 30 seconds

  • Power knee lifts with pivots 30 seconds, with a hop for 30 seconds

  • Heel digs 30 seconds, then heel digs fast for 30 seconds

  • Shuffle forward and then back for 30 seconds,then jump forward and shuffle back for 30 seconds

  • Leg drives with knee up and then behind for 30 seconds, then adding in a hop for 30 seconds (we did two sets one on each leg)

  • Jacks with baby squats 30 seconds, with hop 30 seconds

  • Butt kicks with arms 30 seconds, then butt kicks with an arm reach for 30 seconds

  • Plank exercises lifting one elbow for 30 seconds, pushups for 30 seconds (can do this exercise on knees until you’re more advanced – I did this)  Bit hard to describe this one need to be doing it!

  • Squats with isometric hold 30 seconds and then squats with knee lifts for 30 seconds

  • Back exercise, reaching back with elbows for 30 seconds then same again adding in a jump and punch forward for 30 seconds

At the end of the metabolic workout I felt like I’d had a good exercise session and really enjoyed it. I could feel my heart rate up during the exercises which I’m sure must mean that I’m doing a bit of fat burning. The exercises felt good as bringing in lots of different body parts, exercising arms, abs, quads, hammys, backs and shoulders.  I needed to have a few drinks in between sets of exercise, so I had my Herbalife 24 Hydrate, also a good idea to have some Herbalife 24 Prolong which gives you extra carbohydrates for intense activity.

Click here for more information about Herbalife 24 Sports Products


The Herbalife24 FIT DVD is only currently available in the USA to buy. To view prices you need to register on the website, by clicking on the “Members Tab”

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Herbalife24FIT DVD Review Phase 1 Day 5 Total Body Intergration

April 30th, 2012


Phase 1 – Stability – Disc 3 which is total body integration – My review – day 5

The routine started and finished with stretches.  A few minutes into the routine you’ll need lightweight dumbbells so be prepared.

First moves were squats, then single limb balances, i.e. balances on one leg – here I had megga wobbles ! Best way to get out of wobblying is to focus on one point of the floor.

Next came the squats with weights which I found easy and managed to get positioning right, side step squats where you moved about the floor.  All of these exercises great for strengthening the core muscles, quads and glutes. Then we did an isometric hold (contracting core muscles) and went into lunges.

Final exercises were planks – first the straightforward plank position, working abs and core muscles.  Check out the back muscles of the girl in pink shorts, her back looks amazing !  Then the more difficult side plank position which I’m definitely going to have to work on.

Next 2 days are rest days or recreational activity days – whichever you choose, I’m going walking or swimming.

Weeks 1-3 of Phase 1 Stability is just repeating what we’ve done this week – so my next review will be on week 4.


The Herbalife24 FIT DVD is only currently available in the USA to buy. To view prices you need to register on the website, by clicking on the “Members Tab”

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Herbalife24FIT DVD Review Phase 1 Stability on Day 4 Metabolic Workout

April 29th, 2012

Phase 1 – Stability – Disc 4 which is a metabolic workout – My review – day 4

Now getting into the swing of this routine and concentrating on posture, if you’re used to energetic routines could be tricky keeping it low impact. Worked up a bit of a sweat, great knowing it’s fat burning as this is what week 1 Phase 1 is all about – flexibility, strength and making us better fat burners !

Susan Bowerman, MS, RD, CSSD. , consultant for Herbalife speaks about metabolism

Tommorow I will be moving onto dvd – Phase 1 Stability disc 3 – body intergration – sounds good.

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Herbalife24FIT DVD Review Phase 1 Stability on Day 2 Metabolic Workout

April 26th, 2012


Phase 1 – Stability – Disc 4 which is a metabolic workout – My review – day 2

Just finished the day 2 metabolic workout and I must say I enjoyed it – it’s very much like low impact aerobics, but the key thing was it was burning fat !  Maybe a bit tame for all you fit people out there but this is only phase 1 and  I know it will get harder as you go though all the 3 phases.

A few stretching exercises at the start of the Herbalife24FIT dvd metabolic workout, then kept up a steady pace going through “fat burning” moves.  Need a solid floor to do your metabolic workout as there is a bit of walking/jogging on the spot, step tapping, knee raising using arms, kicks, footballer player moves,step pushing, push backs and skipping – think that was it !  total workout 30 minutes.

Felt good at the end of it, looking forward to my next Phase 1 Stability dvd – disc 2 – shoulder stabilization.


The Herbalife24 FIT DVD is only currently available in the USA to buy. To view prices you need to register on the website, by clicking on the “Members Tab”

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Herbalife24 FIT DVD Review Phase 1 Stability Week 1

April 25th, 2012


Hi All,

I was lucky enough to be able to get hold of the Herbalife24FIT dvd box set before stock ran out very quickly after launch.  Here is my review so far…..

New stocks of the Herbalife24FIT dvds are now available to buy in the USA only – that’s the very latest information that I have !

When the Herbalife24FIT box set arrived I was pretty impressed with it’s packaging and presentation.  Fitness experts Samantha Clayton,Tom Holland and Robert Forster feature on the cover and when you open up the package you’ll find 13 dvds – 12 workouts and 1 introduction dvd,  a workout schedule, a quickstart guide, a fitness guide and a Herbalife24 sports nutrition product guide. 

The dvd’s should be played in order of phase i.e phase 1 stability, phase 2 strength and phase 3 power (in the box set these run from left to right and not downwards). The dvds are for a 24 week program. 

I found it essential to watch the introduction dvd even though I was eager to get started…. as you get to see how to do the warm up stretches for flexibilty which should be done before and after exercise to prevent injury. Samantha, Tom and Robert are great to watch on this dvd, they work really well together and gave very clear instructions on how to do the warm up and getting into the correct position to feel the benefits of the stretch  – this was good for me as sometimes I get the position wrong !  Also the introduction dvd showed the exercises and moves that are performed in the 3 phases of the workout program.

Samantha explained the benefits of the Herbalife24FIT workout:

Phase 1: is for flexibility and strength, to get you stable and to make you a better fat burner.

Phase 2: works on adding the strength component

Phase 3: takes you towards peak fitness by adding power moves

Phase 1 -Stability Day 1 – Disc 1 is all about Spine and Pelvis Stabilization – My review – day 1

I thought I was pretty fit and flexible as I’m a marathon runner and gym junkie, until I started the exercises – but the thing is after time your body’s connective tissue, tendons, ligaments, fascia gets shorter if you’re not stretching properly. My arms and  legs were bit like jelly after finishing as I was using muscles I wouldn’t normally use. This disc ran for approximately1 hour (just guessing here as didn’t time it) –  I know it was longer than normal as it went through the flexibilty(stretching) exercises again and then 30 minutes workout, followed by recommended Herbalife 24 sports nutrition products. Normal timings for the workout dvds are 30 minutes.

Looking forward to tommorows dvd Phase 1 Stability – Day 2 – Disc 4 is called Metabolic 1, will report back.


The Herbalife24 FIT DVD is only currently available in the USA to buy. To view prices you need to register on the website, by clicking on the “Members Tab”

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